Growth hormone tablets

Beautiful appearance is the goal not only women but also men. Ladies want to have beautiful body without excess fat, and men, as a rule, we are talking about wyrzeźbienie silhouettes with visible and, accordingly, formed by the muscles.Diet, special exercises, adjusting the regimen to achieve the target of this procedure that apply a lot of people, however, very different effects. It happens, however, that, despite the strict application of all recommendations, the results are not satisfactory. While many people prefer to take a variety of medications to assist them in achieving the desired figure.

Men often go after growth hormone (HGH), which, as it turns out, works very effectively for muscle growth and helps them to visualize.

However, drugs that contain very little, if we find some growth hormone, for example, tablets, the choice is not simple, because we don’t know which drug is most effective. In addition, these obtained from untrusted sources, may be not only ineffective but even harmful to use it people. Therefore, deciding to use it, you should choose the best product which I write below.
HGH that is growth hormone – what is it really?

Growth hormone (shrink – HGH), i.e., otherwise the somatotropin is a substance that is naturally present in our body. Responsible for the development of the muscles and reduces fat. It is assumed, moreover, allows for a quick increase in muscle mass without needing to spend hours in the gym.Plus it eliminates the fat, causing muscles to become almost immediately much more noticeable. However, the effects were such as I expected, the dose needs to be better matched. A great product that contains the required dose of the hormone, of course, GH Balance –

This product contains growth hormone, stated in the most optimal dose. Available in tablets, doesn’t make too much of a concern with his dosage. A regular intake of two tablets daily to get the desired effect. Of course, the fact that the product is made from natural components, it is of vital importance for the host of his people, because they believe that it is safe for their body.
What is the price of, how much is a good growth hormone?

Of course, as with many other products of this type almost immediately the question arises how much it costs and whether it is effective? Of course, if we are talking about efficiency and safety for the body, the product has in my opinion a reasonable price. In the end, it is our investment in ourselves.

However, stakeholders can easily compare the costs associated with the purchase of GH Balance with costs of using other products that contain low quality HGH or any other products to increase muscle mass.

GH Balance would be so much cheaper, when you consider that other drugs should take a much longer time. Of course, not only the price decides that this product enjoys such great popularity. Feedback and effects, of which below a Lot of people indicates first of all that the product is made from natural ingredients.

It is favorable news for all, because due to the fact that it is neutral and does not react with other products, or for example, alcohol, as is the case in many other similar products.

On some there is absolute prohibition of drinking any alcohol, as there may be side effects that are not beneficial to the body.

In addition, the fact that GH is a natural Balance leads to the fact that there is no need to fear, it side effects. Natural substance used for its production, because they do not cause.

Of course, if someone wants to be sure that this particular growth hormone will not be for his body load, will only have a positive effect, at any time can consult your doctor who will confirm, of course, its positive effect.

Of course, we must not forget that the dosing was as recommended by the manufacturer, since a significant excess of the recommended amount, of course, will not accelerate the pace of positive outcomes.Growth hormone has joined the list of drugs rejuvenating. Experts, however, warn that the health organization has not approved its use as a safe method of preserving youth. How does growth hormone? Who and why is taking drugs containing human growth hormone?

Growth hormone (somatotropin, GH) is secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. High level of secretion of this hormone occurs during puberty. In the future, its secretion is reduced, but still present in the human body. People in the age of 30 the level of HGH decreases approximately 14 percent. In subsequent years, the pituitary gland produces less growth hormone, which affects in particular the appearance and strength of the muscles of a person. The decrease in the concentration of growth hormone with age is markedly reduced power and performance, the skin is visibly getting older, has problems in the sexual sphere.
Growth hormone (somatotropin, GH) – action

Growth hormone:
In adults, growth hormone is secreted in an average of five pangs during the day – the greatest release takes place in the deepest fourth stage of sleep.

– stimulates the growth of the organism as a whole (main place of work somatotropin, is cartilage long bones)
– increases protein synthesis in the body
– accelerates fat burning
– accelerates breakdown of glycogen in liver (raises blood sugar)
– affects the economy in the bottle and the water regime

Growth hormone – causes of deficiency and excess

Causes of growth hormone deficiency can be congenital, acquired or idiopathic (when the cause is not known).

Growth hormone is used not only in case of its deficit. Growth hormone plays a key role in building muscle mass, I also used athletes. It is used to get excellent sports results, and in addition, in order to avoid injury during training.
The use of growth hormone in healthy individuals can lead, in particular, diabetes – experts warn.

Growth hormone readily applied in aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate. However, it is worth remembering that without consulting an experienced physician, the use of such drugs can lead to serious disorders of the endocrine system, in particular, the challenge of the disease acromegaly, which consists in rozroście limbs, increasing itself, ears or nose. The growth hormone through the transport of glucose molecules in the liver, inhibits the action of insulin, namely, to control of glucose into cells. Excess growth hormone can cause insulin resistance and then diabetes. Other side effects of excessive amounts of growth hormone in healthy human arterial hypertension, cardiac water in the body.

On the market available preparations of growth hormone, which can be put into the body in the form of tablets or injections. They are used as means of rejuvenation, give you energy and rzeźbiące silhouette. However, due to side effects, known for its strict laws, the U.S. Agency for Food and Drug administration (FDA) has not approved this treatment for use in aesthetic medicine. Just like in Europe – none of the products containing HGH has not been approved for use as a means of rejuvenation. In accordance with recommendations, it can be used only for the treatment of niskorosłości.

Growth hormone used in too high doses can be very dangerous for the body. Safer is the use of special preparations containing the so-called precursors of HGH. The specifics of these stimulate the natural production of growth hormone and act spowalniająco on the aging process. The first preparations of growth hormone has been available since 1980, and contained pure character of natural somatotropin. She was charged with przysadek brain dead people. Soon, however, it became clear that reached a variety of diseases of the brain in people taking these drugs. Today’s specifics with the HGH you can get in synthetic form, which is achieved in the laboratories of genetic engineering. In the US, the drugs are available in two „versions”. One contains a combination of amino acids 191 and the second 192.
GH Balance is the best growth hormone tablets that speeds up muscle growth and decrease adipose tissue. Results are visible already after 9-12 weeks of use. GH Balance improves basic endurance and muscle strength to 84.3%.

Action: growth Hormone (aka: the hormone of youth), regulates hormonal balance, in particular, controls the level of testosterone and estrogen and growth hormone. Natural fat burning process is directly associated with muscle development and building muscle mass.

GH Balance stimulates building material, responsible for most of the tissues of the body. Accelerates transport of amino acids and enhances protein synthesis. Great cuts and increases muscle mass. Improves metabolism, ensures the correct concentration of growth hormone (STH).

Pills to increase GH Balance available without a prescription. Male growth hormone growth hormone is the perfect addition to applied diet and regular exercise. The drug contains a large dose GHFactor–7 and Tribulus Terrestris.

Natural GH Balance have undergone many years of research before the introduction of nutrients on the market. This helped to create tablets uncompromisingly safe for everyone ćwiczącego and that at each stage of training. Treatment (therapy with growth hormone) growth hormone involves a cycle of 4 to 24 weeks of use.

In our rating GH Balance is the clear leader, in terms of efficacy and safety. This is the best natural HGH available on the market without a prescription.

Dosage: take 2 tablets daily, one in the morning and evening on an empty stomach or as directed by a physician.
Composition: GH-Factor– 7™ Proprietary Blend 350 mg, Tribulus Terrestris 300 mg, Caffeine 50 mg.
How much is growth hormone?
Treatment price: Check price
Where to buy: Store
Side effects: growth Hormone does not interact with other drugs, because of natural composition. Should not be administered to persons under 18 years of age or uczulonym to any component of the drug.
Isotropin HGH–R – a stimulator of growth hormone production Newton Everett. Contains essential amino acids and arginine, lysine, glutamine and ornitynę. Isotropin HGH–R is a drug on the growth and building of muscles.

Action: the Mask is designed to enhance the male growth hormone (HGH – Human Growth Hormone) and IGF–1.Increases natural growth hormone levels, thereby slows down the process of aging. Human growth hormone aimed at restoring and strengthening of muscles.

Tablets Isotropin HGH–R support the growth of muscle tissue and normalize the immune system. Air conditioning helps burn fatty tissue and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (lowering blood pressure). Synthetic growth hormone (the hormone of youth) is designed for bodybuilders.

Growth hormone (HGH) also called somatotropin terms (STH) secreted by the pituitary gland. Its production is controlled by a hormone releasing GHRH somatoliberynę. The main goal of growth hormone – stimulation of tissue growth the entire body.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets a day. Feeding on an empty stomach. 2 hours before eating or 2 hours after (preferably before bedtime).
Composition: L–arginine 400 mg L–Deficit (L–Deficit HCl) 300 mg, L–Lysine (L–lysine HCl) 100 mg, L–Glutamine USP 300 mg Colostrum (bovine) 10% of 200 mg alpha-Keto Glutarate 100 mg, L–Glyceline 100mg.
How much is growth hormone?
Treatment price: 259,86 rubles (60 tablets).
Where to buy: the Drug is not on the store/pharmacy.
Side effects: do Not exceed the recommended dose for human consumption. Persons under the age of 18, as well as suffering from any disease should consult a doctor before using Isotropin HGH–R.
Aminostar GHS – conditioning, created from the best amino acids, which effectively stimulates the production of growth hormone HGH. Due to this effect on the growth of muscle mass, delay the aging process and increases the efficiency of the body.

The product contains arginine, and lysine ornitynę. Improving the immune system and improve muscle performance. Enhances anabolic processes inside the body, and promotes the renewal and regeneration of tissues.

The formula contained in the GSS promotes the secretion of growth hormone (HGH), which is the strongest relationship steroid. The tablets are best taken before bed because then there is an intensive growth growth hormone. The mask promotes the synthesis of protein and breakdown of adipose tissue. GSS is a drug that contains a growth hormone beneficial to muscle building and natural hormone that restores the body.

Dosage: Best results brings use 3 capsules before bedtime.
Composition (3 tablets): L-arginine 1050 mg, L-lysine 525 mg, L-ornithine 525 mg.
How much is it?
Cost of treatment: No data (100 tablets).
Where to buy: Drug available in the pharmacy/store.
Side effects: dietary Supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose for human consumption.
Tested GH Booster – amplifier for growth, contains a dose of 450 mg of clinically developed by L–alpha Glycerylphosporylcholine (GPC). Its action is the direct delivery of choline in the blood.

GPC increases levels of choline in the brain, which is a component of the major phospholipids in the body. Choline undergoes a process acetylacji, resulting in the formation of acetylcholine. It is a major neurotransmitter responsible for communication between neurons.

GPC improves cognitive function, and includes the brain and the nervous system. L–alpha Glycerylphosporylcholine (GPC) encourages domestic production and stimulate growth hormone, improving network and via the suppression of somatostatin) that is responsible for blocking the growth hormone.

Dosage: the Lack of information.
Composition (2 tablets): L–Alpha Glycerylphosporylcholine(50%) 900 mg (Kareem kniesel 450mg Alpha-GPC).
How much is it?
Course price: 99 rubles (60 tablets).
Where to buy: Drug available in the pharmacy/store.
Side effects: none.
HGH Day/Night – Activlab drugs that are designed to stimulate the production of male growth hormone. Air conditioning is recommended for athletes of all sports, including strength sports.

β–ekdyzon contained in the extract of poppies (Lepidium meyenii) stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH – Human Growth Hormone). Is a stimulator of the biosynthesis of proteins, resulting in growth of muscle mass.

The effect of β–ekdyzonu also helps to increase stamina during exercise. The use of arginine and ornithine, as well as zinc has a beneficial effect on maintaining a constant level of growth hormone.

Day HGH causes increased muscle mass and muscle cell volume. Increases protein synthesis, enhances the transport of free amino acids into cells. Reduces the absorption of fat in the body and stimulates the natural processes of burning fat in the body.

Dosage: on training days – 3 tablets daily. On training days take 2 tablets in a day.
Composition (3 capsules): Maca Extract 1500 mg, including β–ekdyzon 7.5 mg, 900 mg of Arginine, Ornithine HCl 450 mg, Zinc 10 mg.
How much is it?
Cost of treatment: No data (60 tablets).
Where to buy: Drug available in the pharmacy/store.
Side effects: none.

The human body itself produces growth hormone, but its release is significantly reduced after 30 years. Other factors can lead to a decrease in growth hormone levels. This occurs particularly under stress. In addition, the natural growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland in too small amounts to provide good results kulturystyczne. Therefore developed a formula of growth hormone is observed in the form of tablets.

The intake of HGH pills is a great way to prevent possible negative consequences that is associated with the physiological drop in the level of growth hormone. Reduced muscle mass and increased adipose tissue, loss of elasticity, weakening of the immune system functioning and worse health of the internal organs – all of which can be the consequence of lower production of growth hormone. Growth hormone tablets allows you to avoid these problems.

Growth hormone tablets contains hyaluronic acid, gamma amino acids, GABA and other components that stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. In the composition of such tablets is often vitamin B6 and C, and an extract from beans, chromium and lecithin, which raise the level of HGH in the body and do that it can be included in peripheral tissues in increased amounts. These pills do not contain synthetic HGH, and there are in your agitator are substances that cause that the body itself, in natural conditions produces an increased amount of the hormone HGH.

Growth hormone tablets, which has the same effects like natural HGH. Accelerates the conversion of fat into energy, enhances muscular tissue through acceleration of protein synthesis , promotes strength training and strengthens the immune system and enhances its performance.

Pills growth hormone does not cause side effects, provided that we strictly adhere to the dosage regimen specified by the manufacturer. Most often recommended the use of one tablet on an empty stomach an hour before bedtime or 1-2 tablets after training, but before eating. Side effects can occur when growth hormone pills make a person suffering from hypoglycemia and diabetes, and young people under the age of 25. In addition, contraindications to the use of HGH pills is pregnancy, lactation, and endocrine nature.

Hornom growth in the form of tablets are much easier to use than HGH is designed for subcutaneous injection or intravenous injection. Application method is very simple, simply because to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Human growth hormone is raised for the first time in 1950 from the pituitary glands of human cadaver for treatment karłowatości in children. It turned out, however, that this method is spotty, because it threatens side effects and even death. In the eighties of the XX century, managed to produce synthetic HGH in the laboratory. Originally to serve he had in the treatment somatotropinowej failure of the pituitary gland, but due to its properties quickly entered the bodybuilding.

The popularity of HGH in bodybuilding is that it causes lean muscle mass, decrease adipose tissue, increases the ability to regenerate, immunizes the body to trauma and mechanical damage, increases the efficiency of the body.

In bodybuilding growth hormone began to be used already in the early eighties of the XX century. none of anabolic steroids has such a large impact on the growth of muscle tissue and loss of fatty tissue like growth hormone. Steroids should be taken intramuscularly, growth hormone is administered subcutaneously with a fine needle into the skin on my stomach. Due to the fact that growth hormone is absorbed almost instantly. Another difference from anabolic steroids and growth hormone is that under the influence of these first the cell grows, but is not divided. And insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, the production of which is enhanced by increased levels of growth hormone, causes as division and cell growth simultaneously affects all the cells nearby.

Growth hormone initially increases the volume of muscle cells so that they do them large quantities of water. The cell grows, making it more space to intake of protein. After about three weeks of taking growth hormone of muscle cells is transported protein. After taking the HGH amino acid levels in the blood greatly reduced, because they roam from the blood into muscle cells. There begins the biosynthesis of proteins – amino acids are simple stretch in the muscle proteins.

For bodybuilding important is also the effect of growth hormone on adipose tissue. Under the influence of growth hormone three glicerydy in fat cells, are divided, and in the blood plasma increases the number of fatty acids which become the body’s main energy source. Growth hormone also has the effect of immunization to insulin, making insulin transportorul glucose in fat cells – the speed of sedimentation of fat, therefore, much slower.

Growth hormone is considered doping and officially it cannot be used in competitions on bodybuilding.

The beneficial effect of growth hormone has been known for several decades. Initially used only for treatment of endocrine diseases, but over time okryto that growth hormone may fight obesity, increases muscle mass and improves the health of the body. From these reasons, growth hormone interested athletes.

Results thanks to HGH were much better and more use is found the bodybuilders. Their muscle mass could, in the end, without obstacles, to develop, resulting in impressive silhouettes, launched athletes.
Where are the growth hormone deficiency?
Our body itself produces the necessary amount of growth hormone. But after 30 years, the production of this hormone decreases, which begins to be seen in the reflection in the mirror and under

the time of exercise. Negative consequence of reducing the level of HGH is the increase in adipose tissue, increasing difficulties in the development of muscles, loss of elasticity, reduced capacity of the organism, and reduced immunity.
What else causes growth hormone deficiency in the body ?

During exercise the body no longer has as much force as before, and this translates to lower intensity exercises performed. For people who care about the form-it is a serious problem, so athletes choose products containing precious growth hormone. Too low levels of HGH is also accompanied by obesity and different people leading a busy lifestyle.

Tablets growth hormone effects and action?

Preparations of HGH are used with the 80-ies of XX century. The first medical treatment, strengthening the body used the growth hormone derived from deceased individuals. Turns out it wasn’t a very safe option, because the growth hormone could lead to infection diseases prionowymi.

The natural hormone was replaced by synthetic, but unsuccessfully used synthetic human growth hormone was also dangerous diseases and unwanted side effects. More favourable to health were pills that contain so-called promoters of growth hormone.
How are pills of growth hormone?

Pills do not give a clean somatotropin, such as injection, are, however, the organism begins to produce more growth hormone. Stimulation of pituitary gland is carried out using acid, gamma-aminokwasowego GABA.

The action of this acid increase additional substances: chromium, lecithin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, extract from the beans. All these components increase the level of growth hormone, therefore, give an effect close to that offer being injected with growth hormone. Thanks tabletkom with the growth hormone it is easier to build muscle tissue, boosts performance during exercise. Pills accelerate the synthesis of protein and are a very valuable addition to any strength training
Unlike injections, pills growth hormone does not supply growth hormone from the outside, only speed up the natural process of hormone production. The body just works at high speed, which, no doubt, better for our health from faszerowania yourself with chemicals.

Increase growth hormone levels naturally is of great importance for athletes, because due to the fact that they should not fear posądzeń about the doping. Of course, you should always check whether this drug with growth hormone, for example through the sports Federation, but in the case of tablets such restrictions occur extremely rarely.

Or tablets HGH cause side effects?

Pills HGH are safe and rarely cause unwanted side effects. Component hgh drug of natural origin, which reduces the negative impact of the capsules on health, while maintaining efficiency.
When there can be side effects ?

Unwanted effects of the drug growth hormone appear most often when the player uses the tablet in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Impossible, for arbitrarily increase the dose of HGH, you should not change the drug. The effectiveness of pills depends on their correct reception.
How to take growth hormone pills ?

Most often the manufacturer recommends taking one tablet before bedtime (on an empty stomach), after a physical training take one or two pills, definitely before meals. Side effects can appear in people with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Bad for the components of tablets, growth hormone can also respond to people very young to 25 years – during this period the body produces large amounts of growth hormone. Pills growth hormone cannot be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers. A contraindication to taking the pills with growth hormone are also diseases on the basis of endokrynologicznym (hormonal disorders).
The effectiveness of pills with growth hormone

Natural growth hormone, in short HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced by the pituitary gland. For the process of production of this hormone, also called somatotropin terms responsible somatoliberina GHRH, in turn, the decline in growth hormone levels is the task of somatostatin.

The greatest amount of HGH is produced during sleep. The intensity of the pituitary gland depends in particular on age, sex, body mass, lifestyle, exposure to stresses.
Somatotropin, when and how made ?

Most growth hormone produce young organisms, a marked reduction in the production of this hormone occurs after age 30. Much worse there is also the pituitary gland in people who are obese and those exposed to prolonged stress.

Overproduction of growth hormone occurs in a moment of intense physical activity, decrease in body temperature, in States of anxiety when the body experiences pain, or has a too low glucose concentration.

In accordance with its name, is essential in the development of the whole organism. Thanks to him we grow and we have stronger muscles, but not always much, is favorable for us. Excess secretion causes acromegaly or gigantism, on the other hand, growth hormone deficiency, are the cause of karłowatości. However, this does not mean that absolutely we should not interfere in the natural level of HGH.

Because if we increase its concentration to a certain extent, to improve our physical condition, which is especially important for athletes. Treatment and bodybuilding are currently used synthetic growth hormone (previously pozyskiwano him from the dead), but certainly safer and more recommended method is to stimulate production through our own body. Why should do this?
The processes occurring in the body and growth hormone

Due to our hormones, cells better use amino acids and muscle, bone, connective and cartilage, the synthesis of protein. Because of these processes, somatotorpina belongs to the group of anabolic hormones.
Additional functions in the body

In addition, growth hormone participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Fat cells break up and comes to convert fatty acids into energy. This protein protects muscles from catabolism, but sometimes the fat is burned so quickly that the body must use other sources of energy necessary for the effort. This reserve is glucose. Unfortunately, the consequence of this action is the accumulation of sugar in the blood, so people who have produced too much growth hormone often suffer from diabetes.
IGF-1 what is it ?

For anabolic reactions is also consistent with the insulin-like growth factor IGF-1. It belongs to the group of proteins, called somatomedynami. Yes indeed, this growth hormone is not a direct factor affecting the growth of tissues, but IGF-1, growth hormone, in this process is the only element in the interim.

In addition, IGF-1 increases the economy with carbohydrates and protein metabolism. The exact action of drugs using the substance is still unknown, but the team hopes that in the near future we will know how to dose IGF-1, without risk for health. Thus, it remains the human growth hormone, which is much better to recognize.

The concentration of growth hormone and age of the person

At the age of 21 years, the concentration of growth hormone is about 10 ng/ml, therefore, young people are much easier comes to body sculpting, better, too, they endure exercise and recover faster. In adults, its concentration is almost two times less after 60 years we find in the blood of his only trace amounts .

Because growth hormone is secreted mostly during sleep, so important for health and fitness is a good night’s sleep. But at a certain age the vacation itself is not enough, and even a healthy lifestyle will not disappoint time. The decrease in the concentration of growth hormone with age is inevitable.
The decrease in hormone with age

Older people have to put up with reduced performance, weak muscles, wiotczejącą skin. Of course, the aging process in humans is very active is done less dramatically, but so impossible not to notice the weakening of the body. Not everyone can handle it, hence the temptation to get a means of slowing the aging process.
Delaying the process of aging with growth hormone

In the 90-ies of the last century appeared on the market synthetic growth hormone has caused an incredible sensation. This specific men aged 60-80 years, and the consequences of this experiment have passed all expectations.

Leather men visibly smoothed, the body suddenly regained their former strength, improved metabolism, positive changes occurred also in the sphere of sex. Treatment with growth hormone use in connection with this very popular, but for the price this product is available only for the wealthy.
A bit of history

Treatment with growth hormone was, however, known before. The drug was administered to children with karłowatością, the problem was, however, of this substance. Before it was possible to produce the synthetic hormone were loaded with przysadek people who died, which caused serious doubt, the nature and the ethical force of things has limited availability for valuable substances.

In the end, after many attempts managed to create the first synthetic growth hormone –rHGH. In Poland was four preparations of synthetic growth hormone. They are very expensive and are available only by prescription. The drug is administered only to people patients, athletes often acquire it through illegal.

Growth hormone can be considered as prohibited performance-enhancing drugs, but in spite of this, wanting his acceptance, is not enough. No wonder, in the end, helps to reduce adipose tissue and causes a very quick increase in lean body mass. The effects are noticeable very quickly, within a few hours after the injection of the drug. Synthetic hormone takes part in biochemical processes, increasing their productivity. After a while, however, cells do not react the growth hormone, as in the beginning. So there is no expected results, then start it health problems.

Incorrectly injected synthetic growth hormone can produce huge devastation in our body, ranging from changes in appearance, after a severe degeneration of the joints and nervous system. The excess –rHGH damages the thyroid gland, heart, kidney, liver, spleen, can also be the cause of myopathies of the heart, diabetes, hypertension. The error is, however, and the results themselves.

Studies show that MRI, flow –rHGH a person with normal HGH levels can lead to an increase in lean body mass, but not necessarily this would equate to a growth of muscle tissue. The weight gain will be because caused by water retention in the body and increase in the size of some internal organs such as the liver. At high doses, these changes are more noticeable.

Not quite conclusive evidence that taking synthetic growth hormone will increase strength and muscle endurance, and some of these courses over, on the contrary, the reverse effect – decreased ability to exercise. So you should think before you start to take any steroids and change them, supplements such as gh balance, which are not only effective but also safe for your health.

Preparations of growth hormone work so exactly the same as other medicines. They help people who are sick, but in otherwise healthy athletes is unnecessary, because they can only do harm. However, it is difficult to predict how a particular body reacts to the injected hormone, but often, to avoid complications. Moreover, the athletes, rather, not just one dose of growth hormone, but go after hormone much more often.

In turn, low doses of hormones do not give almost any effect, then the question arises, whether it is worth to take the risk. Therapy with growth hormone should always be conducted under the supervision of a physician. In the beginning served a small dose to the body used in the following days, the patient portion is systematically increasing.
Dosage and administration of growth hormone

Daily dose of somatropin should not exceed 1 IU per day, because large portions create noticeable the side effects of eliminating possible advantages of hormonal therapy. The first shot is taken in the morning, immediately after awakening, the second dose is administered just before bedtime. Such a dosing regimen best suited to the natural process of producing growth hormone, our body doesn’t react so shocked at the introduction of the drug.
How to safely use somatotropinę ?

The hormone is served on the mountain for seven days, then must be a break. If kuracjusza notice any side effects, a hormone you need to completely set aside or reduce the daily dose. Even worse is the administration of growth hormone derived from animals. Not quite that such drugs are ineffective, it undermines the health. Synthetic growth hormone is not, therefore, indifferent to health and receiving only physiologic doses is justified in the case of athletes – supplements only imperfections caused by age. Better for health to be supplements that stimulate the natural production of growth hormone.